CDL Exams

We make CDL examinations quick and affordable. Each exam is available for $100 each with evening and weekend appointments available. Provided the exam is completed successfully the certificate will be made available in real time.


DOT Drug Screens

We will partner with a local lab to send your drug screen either as part of your physical or as a separate need perhaps for a pre-employment requirement. There is a medical review officer to review all drug screens.

For Seasonal Flu Shots:

A limited number of flu shots will be available from October 1 through March 1. We can provide proof via a sticker or a letter if necessary for your employer/ school

For Sports Physicals:

These are available for students both in middle, elementary and high school as well as college in order to participate in sports.

New: Police Academy Physicals:

Police academy physicals can also be completed. All physicals will need to be screened to make sure there are no specific requirements that cannot be completed with us.

For DOT Hair Screens:

If your job requires drug testing via hair screen that is available with us as well. Again, we have a medical review officer to review all results

Minor Urgent Care:

Minor urgent care is available for things like flu swabs, strep tests and a limited supply of Covid antigen tests. There is no availability to send out through cultures. Please be aware that the policy for antibiotic administration is solely based on the discretion of the provider. The presence of a sore throat, sinus congestion etc. does not immediately guaranteed use of antibiotics. Sutures and x-rays are not available here. Limited urinary tract infection evaluation without the sending of a culture is available. Treatment for STDs or suspected STDs is not available. Please note that there are no opioids prescribed or refilled. For such means you are encouraged to contact your primary care provider or pain management specialist that provides your medication.

Telemedicine visits:

These visits are available with me by downloading the Opear for Patients App and choosing me as long as appointments are available.

EMS Education and Consulting:

The service is available in cooperation with Vitality Sight. Please see the attached link for further information on EMS education and consulting through this group. VITALITY SIGHT

Mental Health:

Coming soon